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Giant Knitting

In October, we went to stay with friends up north for a weekend away. I often covet the home of these friends – their home is so lovely, with so many personal touches. It was not on this trip, but … Continue reading

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Knitting the winter away

It has been a little while since I blogged about something I’ve actually knitted (my Christmas Day post about my knitting bowl doesn’t really count) which is a bit funny since I knit more than I do anything else in … Continue reading

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Anchor and Pearl Necklace

It had been a fairly long time since I made any jewellery that wasn’t either commissioned or a mala, so today I decided to head back to my jewellery-making roots and worked up something that I’ve had in the back … Continue reading

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Aqua bird cage beaded bracelet

I love beading. I’ve done it since I was a kid – I think I was 10 or 11 when I got my first (and only) beading loom. Although now I frequently work with stretch cord when beading and couldn’t … Continue reading

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Purple Jasper Buddhist Mala

In a previous post I blogged about my first adventure in mala-making. Although initially it was frustrating (like anything else, there is more to the mala than meets the eye, and I encountered many challenges in this project – and … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all! I’m a lucky girl. Year after year, I get to spend this day with the most important people in my life, and this year was no exception. And every year, I get spoiled. And every year, … Continue reading

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Red Jasper Hand Knotted Mala

After a lot of prep, research and trial and error, I finished my first hand-knotted Buddhist mala this morning. The beads are red jasper, and the cord a vibrant blue. I used two cords and a snake-knotting technique as suggested … Continue reading

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