Red Jasper Hand Knotted Mala

After a lot of prep, research and trial and error, I finished my first hand-knotted Buddhist mala this morning. The beads are red jasper, and the cord a vibrant blue. I used two cords and a snake-knotting technique as suggested by Custom Mala Shop on their blog (if you are looking to have a mala made, I think theirs are beautiful!)

Hand-knotting was a difficult thing to master, but once I got the rhythym of it, I was addicted. DSC_7097A row of hand-knotted beads. Three of the smaller red marker beads are present as this was more than 3/4 of the way through.



The most difficult issue for me was stringing two cords through one small hole. In the end, I strung the first with my fingers, and the second on a beading needle.


Snake knot.


DSC_7103Red Jasper and blue hand knotted buddhist Mala

Red Jasper and vibrant blue Buddhist Mala (108 stones) – $50 plus shipping
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