Purple Jasper Buddhist Mala

In a previous post I blogged about my first adventure in mala-making. Although initially it was frustrating (like anything else, there is more to the mala than meets the eye, and I encountered many challenges in this project – and happily came up successful) eventually I began to find the process quite soothing and more often than not I now find myself at my kitchen table with my Kindle (hands-free reading is the greatest invention of our time!) and a little bowl of gemstones and some cords, knotting away.

I’ve been a dedicated yogi for a few years, but mostly only on the physical side of things. It has always been more than just exercise, but I never really bothered to learn more about the spiritual and theological side of things until this year, when my husband signed up for a meditation class at the yoga studio at which I am a member, and I tagged along. It was a beautiful experience, and inspired us both to spend some time meditating every day. A few weeks later, he had a package from Tibet – a simple mala that he’d ordered online. I was intrigued. I got my own, from eBay, without doing much looking around. It arrived and I was pretty happy – the beads were green sandalwood, which smelled divine. It was on a stretch cord, which I wasn’t a huge fan of, but it was convenient if I wanted to loop it around my wrist. But I’m the type of person who likes to adjust, to change, to take something good and make it perfect. I wasn’t happy with the clumsy knot from the stretch cord, so I restrung the whole thing and hid a crimper bead inside the guru bead.

After learning about hand-knotting and making and selling a few gemstone mala, I revisited mine – I’ve since hand-knotted it, and changed from a sandalwood guru bead to a Jasper one, and added a tassel. With that complete, I knew I wanted to do another very special mala, so I got some purple jasper, which stimulates the crown chakra. I decided on a cream-colored cord and tassel, which I think balances the purple quite nicely. Here are a few photos. It’s currently available on my Etsy store1 Purple Jasper Mala by Concrete Oyster 3 purplejasper.

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