Anchor and Pearl Necklace

It had been a fairly long time since I made any jewellery that wasn’t either commissioned or a mala, so today I decided to head back to my jewellery-making roots and worked up something that I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while now. Most of my jewellery is nautical in nature (surprise, surprise!) and this one was no exception, being based on my logo, which my wonderful husband was kind enough to draw up for me recently.

There’s a very short story behind where this came from. When I was in the last stages of planning my wedding (we tied the knot July 7th, 2012) I was having a horrible time finding wedding jewellery that I liked. The jewellery that I saw in my mind simply didn’t exist, so my first plan B was to get something else. As we were getting married on the beach in Tofino, and as I’m a girl who loves the sea, pearls were a natural choice. So, I went online and found what looked like a passable cultured pearl necklace for not too ridiculous a price. It came and was lovely, but not what I wanted. In the end, I created my own jewellery (this was the birth of Concrete Oyster). Thus I was left with a pearl necklace that I knew I wasn’t going to wear, so I took it apart and gave it new life. This is it’s first public appearance (I’ve also used pearls from this necklace in gifts) as the pearly soul of my newest piece, the Anchor and Pearl Necklace.

Anchor and Pearl Necklace Anchor and Pearl Necklace Anchor and Pearl NecklaceAnchor and Pearl NecklaceThe main chain is 18″ in length. From a 2″ section of chain dangles the anchor of your heart, adorned with a white cultured pearl.

This necklace is handmade with care, and may still be available at my Etsy store.

– Jen McLeod


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