Giant Knitting

In October, we went to stay with friends up north for a weekend away. I often covet the home of these friends – their home is so lovely, with so many personal touches. It was not on this trip, but the previous one in April, that I was introduced to the charms of Pinterest. I had an account already, but didn’t use it and didn’t really see the point. Our friends and their wooden pallet coffee table inspired me to start using it. Anyway, back to October. I was in the midst of about a million orders of West Coast Arm Warmers, and thus spent the whole trip knitting. My friend pulled up a pin that she’d found – a giant knit blanket! (I’d share the actual site here, but apparently it’s all just spam now and has been blocked by Pinterest).

We went home and did some research, made some huge knitting needles out of 1.5″ PVC, and ordered some roving from Nebraska (we forgot that they have sheep here, too, I guess). I took some photos of the progress.

Giant Knitting Giant Knitting Giant Knitting

It was a fun project, but admittedly not that easy. It was hard to find a comfortable way to sit and knit. I was just learning to cable (actually I learned specifically for this project – I wish I’d looked into it sooner!) and twisted the wrong way more than once and had to go back and fix things. In the end, though, it was worth it! The thing was huge, cozy and really beautiful.

The worst thing? I took photos before sending the blanket to our friends, but then forgot to upload them to my computer before formatting and shooting over the card (I’m a photographer, I need my cards fairly regularly). So, no finished product photos, unfortunately. However, I’ll probably make us a new one (sometime after we recover from our Disney trip for which we leave tomorrow!!) and will take some final product photos. I’d also love to sell these on Etsy, but I think that may wait til we move to New Zealand.

– Jen McLeod

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7 Responses to Giant Knitting

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  2. iknead2knit says:

    I’ve always wanted to try my hand at giant knitting! Thanks for reading!

  3. Megan says:

    How much roving did you need? I have been wanting to make a blanket like this for some time no

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