Sandalwood Mala

I absolutely love working with sandalwood. Its fragrance is just intoxicating to me, and I’d bathe in the scent if I wasn’t afraid of scaring off, well, everyone. My own mala is sandalwood and I find myself holding it to my nose and inhaling the scent many times a day.

Red Sandalwood Mala

I got to work a couple of days ago on another sandalwood mala. These beads are a rich red in colour, quite fragrant when worn against the skin, and small in diameter (around 5mm) making for a lovely piece to wear around the neck. I can wind it loosely around my (very skinny) wrists three times – it would probably fit the average person quite well both ways. This piece is hand knotted (snake knots, of course) with red jade markers. The guru bead is sandalwood. The cord is a light grey.

Red Sandalwood Mala Red Sandalwood Mala

The presence of a mala about the throat or wrist is a reminder to take a step back – that the problems you have now are fleeting, that every interaction is an opportunity, that every day holds promise.

Red Sandalwood Mala


– Jen McLeod, Concrete Oyster

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