Fitzgerald or Hemingway

On my personal Facebook page, I recently posed the question “Hemingway or Fitzgerald”. I didn’t reveal that this was a no-brainer for me. Hemingway, no question. I didn’t say anything. At first…crickets. Nothing. Slowly, a few people started responding. Fitzgerald. Hemingway. I don’t know who they are.

Surprised? I suppose I was, moreso than I should have been. Because, the fact is, I’m weird. I’ve always been different, I always will be. There are times when I ask myself if I actually dislike certain things, or if it’s just in my nature to dislike things that “everybody else” likes. For example,”everybody else” seems to be in to the 50’s. 50’s movie stars and hair styles and cars absolutely plague the internet (in my opinion, don’t be offended if you’re into that sort of thing), everywhere are the 50’s-themed weddings, retro-styled diners. I randomly came across a blog post recently that was an interview of a girl I went to high school with. “I’m really into the 50’s and Dita von Teese”. And I thought, of course you are. Who isn’t?

But the more interesting question for me has always been why? Why are so many women so seemingly sHem and Hadley on their wedding daymitten with an era that was prominently characterized by chauvinism? What exactly is the appeal of that? I actually don’t know.

I’ve always been fascinated by the 20’s – if I could choose to live in an era, that’d be it. Paris, 1922. Without a doubt. For a long time, I’ve thinking about ways to incorporate my love of the Jazz Age into my creativity. As of yet, I haven’t accomplished much, but I’m always thinking about it (see: this post for me thinking).

So for now, I will keep thinking and writing and beading and knitting and thinking and parenting and thinking and reading and thinking and thinking and thinking. And maybe soon I will have something.

Or maybe soon I’ll just write a column on the history of photography and my shock and horror over something I read in which someone referred to the 1960’s as the early days of color photography.

– Jen McLeod, different girl, owner of Concrete Oyster



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4 Responses to Fitzgerald or Hemingway

  1. kaymillaz says:

    Aw, I’m a Fitzgerald girl at heart! But I suppose I have a bit of room in there for Hemingway as well 😛 I find it thoroughly concerning that people don’t know who either of them are…it’s quite sad really.

    I totally agree with you on the romanticizing of the 1950’s that were in actuality a horrific time to be a woman in. I wish this distorted view of the 50’s would stop on all levels, as whatever commendable characteristics that that period of time held have now been completely magnified by nostalgia and the passing of time and have no basis in the reality of what occurred. But, I guess it really is to much to ask that people educate themselves… 😛

    • Jen McLeod says:

      Isn’t it always too much to ask people to educate themselves? I’m so surprised to find someone who agrees with me so quickly – most people are offended that I am not big on the 50’s.

  2. Curls & Q says:

    Q – Forget the 50’s I’ll take the 20’s! What wonderful fashions! And the hats…… Not to mention Art Deco! Sorry, neither Hemingway or Fitzgerald, give me Chandler and Hammett – the Golden Era of Detective Novels. I guess I lived the 50’s so it’s not a big deal. 😎

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