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Loads of tiny X’s

In my parents house, before they moved into their condo, two tiny cross stitched flowers hung on the wall above the desk. One was mine and the other my sisters. They were quite simple, and mine had a fairly major … Continue reading

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Your baby is not broken

I try to keep this blog away from too much parenting, but I’m an utter failure. What can I say? I think it’s probably better that I say these things that come to my mind here rather than trying (so, … Continue reading

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Where does inspiration come from?

It’s been a while since I wrote anything. I’ve been quite busy with thinking. Ah, thinking; the pass time I’ve been trying to banish. Everyone needs a break from thinking. I’ve been thinking a lot about inspiration and where it … Continue reading

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I can’t crochet

I’ve always wanted to crochet, but I suck at it. The extent of my body of work in the crochet world is one hat and a bunch of misshapen granny squares that realistically will never amount to anything. It always … Continue reading

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This is getting old

Am I old enough to start complaining about “kids these days”? At 30, for sure I am. OK but I’m not really here to complain, or talk about kids, directly. This is more about my dismay over the state of … Continue reading

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I, the reader

Earlier this week I posted about the new case I ineptly knit for my Amazon Kindle. Then I read a post on my book club Facebook group, where another member recommended we try a book on Chapters’ Heather’s Pick list. … Continue reading

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It’s an octopus sort of day

I live with two artists – a little one and a big one. They both amaze me. I wish I could draw or paint, but I can’t, so I make do with what I can do. One thing I am … Continue reading

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