Lazy but surprisingly productive Mondays

I’m at Starbucks. Usually, when I’m at Starbucks, I’m writing with pen and paper. See?


Today is different. Instead I’m writing a blog post on my iPhone, which has recently, unexpectedly regained some of its old lost functionality (namely all the physical buttons). People probably think I’m just text or facebooking, but I’m not! I’m writing!

As I’ve been feeling nautical recently, today I thought I’d wear one of my favourite sea-inspired pieces. See?


It goes well with my Vanilla Spice Latte. Right?


Does this seem like a pointless post? It’s not. Life is so often so hard, but we should enjoy it in spite of the difficulties it presents. Take pleasure in simple things. Enjoy quiet moments as the present themselves. Be happy. Its your life and you only get one of them. Don’t waste it with worry.

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