Sew good

I love sewing! I’m not very good at it, but I do enjoy it a lot! I’m not patient enough for it, for the most part. When I figured out that I couldn’t just “wing it” with sewing (I spent my early 20’s making a lot of things that did not fit properly if at all) and that there was so much to know, it opened my eyes to the fact that I am not very good at it and should stick to using patterns…but naturally, I still don’t. I don’t sew often, and when I do, it usually takes forever and results in something highly unappealing.

I’ve had a piece of fabric for months now and have been meaning to do something with it, so this morning I finally got around to making myself another case for my Kindle (one day, let’s talk about the advantages of Kindle over other electronic book tablets, ok?) and it turned out not too badly.

Nautical Kindle Case

Considering the utter simplicity of this project, it took me a very long time. I originally had a flap and was hoping to use it to make the thing closable, but I buggered it up and it was not to be.

Nautical Kindle Case

That’s ok though. I really just wanted something that would offer a bit of protection – I don’t think it’ll fall out. I think I will Scotch Guard it so that it doesn’t get too dirty. Good idea?

Nautical Kindle Case

I have a little more of this canvas – what else should I make??

Jen McLeod, Concrete Oyster 


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2 Responses to Sew good

  1. aflowerforathena says:

    You can make a toaster cozy. : P

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