Enjoying it

I don’t usually describe myself as a lazy person, but I must admit that I have had lazy tendencies since the weather turned from dead-of-winter to glorious summer (seasons are confusing here) and that I’d much rather spend my time doing nothing in my much-loved back yard than sitting inside editing photos or working on new designs. It’s a bit unfortunate, since my head is full of ideas. BUT. I have an almost-4-year-old. I want her life to be filled with memorable memories, and I’m determined to break her of her addiction to the television, so we spend 4-8 hours a day out of doors, and then I edit or knot after she’s gone to bed (which is completely at odds with my business plan, but we do what we can) and commit ourselves never to waste a day (or waste away).

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. I got a Harmony Ball. I’m not going to explain what it’s for. I love it, and am probably driving people nuts with my jingling.


I also got a Luckenbooth brooch from my husband, which inspires me to find my Claddagh ring (which was a gift from my sister in law – I seriously need silver polish) and I will this week. As soon as I find an end to today’s laziness.

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One Response to Enjoying it

  1. That is a pretty necklace. I love light blue and silver!

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