About the designer.

Concrete Oyster is my outlet…well, one of my outlets. I’ve had this need to create things for as long as I can remember – I’ve written stories, made jewellery, knitted, sewed, daydreamed and doodled for as long as I have been able, and have always strived to try new things – to make simple things beautiful, to improve on what’s there, to fill a void. I first came up with Concrete Oyster when I was shopping for wedding jewellery. I found nothing I liked, though I could see just what I wanted in my mind. Silver jewellery with hot pink pearls was hard to come by! So, I made my own. Then, on my honeymoon, West Coast Arm Warmers sprung to life – I needed my arms to stay warm, but my fingers to be free (did I mention I’m a photographer). After the honeymoon, my family’s adoption of a more mindful lifestyle bore my love of creating Buddhist mala. And always, I am adding more.

I hope you enjoy my journey with accessory design, and invite you to shop my Etsy store, visit me on Facebook, and even check out my photography if you are so inclined.

– Jen McLeod

Jen McLeod
That’s me! – photo by Spangled Photography)


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