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Enjoying it

I don’t usually describe myself as a lazy person, but I must admit that I have had lazy tendencies since the weather turned from dead-of-winter to glorious summer (seasons are confusing here) and that I’d much rather spend my time … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Hotel California

Or rather, the Hotel Snowville. You can check out, but no one will ever let you talk about leaving the city I live in without major amounts of guilt, and a laundry list of reasons you should never live anywhere else. … Continue reading

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Random complaining

For some reason, I sometimes find myself thinking about the jobs I’ve held in the past that just sucked. I don’t know what good I think it does me to linger on these things, since they’re long over and I … Continue reading

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Your baby is not broken

I try to keep this blog away from too much parenting, but I’m an utter failure. What can I say? I think it’s probably better that I say these things that come to my mind here rather than trying (so, … Continue reading

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Where does inspiration come from?

It’s been a while since I wrote anything. I’ve been quite busy with thinking. Ah, thinking; the pass time I’ve been trying to banish. Everyone needs a break from thinking. I’ve been thinking a lot about inspiration and where it … Continue reading

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This is getting old

Am I old enough to start complaining about “kids these days”? At 30, for sure I am. OK but I’m not really here to complain, or talk about kids, directly. This is more about my dismay over the state of … Continue reading

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I, the reader

Earlier this week I posted about the new case I ineptly knit for my Amazon Kindle. Then I read a post on my book club Facebook group, where another member recommended we try a book on Chapters’ Heather’s Pick list. … Continue reading

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