How to change exposure settings on common point and shoot cameras

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If you are shooting on a not-so-great camera (a point-and-shoot) you might think there’s no way to do this, but there is. Different brands, and even different cameras within one brand may have different ways of doing manual adjustments. Read your manual to find out how to do this on your camera – it will be under something like “Adjust the brightness” or “exposure compensation”.

Shooting Nikon? Press the +/- button. Press up or down to find the exposure that looks right to you. Press OK to set.

Shooting Canon? Push the up button and then use the left and right buttons to adjust while watching the screen. Press the “Func Set” button to choose the image that looks right to you.

Shooting Fujifilm? Press the +/- button. Click left or right to choose the proper exposure. Press the +/- button again to set.

Shooting Sony? Set the mode dial to M. Press the big black dot on the control button. Select your shutter speed and aperature (slower shutter or larger aperture will increase the exposure – so either choose a larger fraction for the shutter or a smaller number for the aperture) but pressing the up and down or left and right buttons. Press the shutter button to shoot the image. (I personally think this is more complicated than it needs to be for the average person, but that’s how it is I guess).

Shooting Panasonic? Click up. Click left or right. Click the middle button.

Naturally, this list is not exhaustive, and even if your brand is here, your camera may be different. Things get a bit more complicated if you are shooting with a dSLR, so I will not touch on how to change exposure on those at this


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